The dragons will never be defeated no matter how much you try
Welcome to our ranks newcomers of the dragons and lets allow this guild to prosper and become the best of the best
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    About the Dragons

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    About the Dragons

    Post  WolfinGanger on Sat Apr 04, 2009 6:22 pm

    Our Story
    The Dragons are an elite group of fighters long thought to be extinct 200 years ago. One of there decedents found an old journal describing many epic battles and the Fall of the dragons. The descendant read through the whole journal, when he reached the last entry, there laid the scale of a dragon. The descendant decided to fill in the rest of the journal. Causing the Resurrection of the Dragons with the scale now hung around his neck.

    Crescent Dragons(CDR) Requirements
    1. Must have a lv 30+ char
    2. Must have at least one Char unlocked either ronan, lass, ryan, or amy
    3. You must prove yourself by fighting either me or JinZeck you do not have to win just show us that you have some skill
    4. If you was referred here by another player you do not have to fight one of us along as you meet the other requirements.
    5. You may also avoid the fight with us if you are lv 45+

    *If you fail to meet any of the requirements you will not be permitted to join us but you may try again another day*

    Current Rankings
    Dragon Elite - WolfinGanger(Web Designer, Organizer), JinZeck(Recruiter)
    Dragon Elite Story - An Elite Group of fighters that have mastered all, know arts of fighting or have done some great deed to be recognized
    Dragon Elite Symbols:
    Dragon Master- SimonBelmont(Leader), SnapItsJenny, Mallifex
    Dragon Master Story - A Group right under the Elite they are not to be taking lightly and they work right Along side the Dragon Elite themselves
    Dragon Master Symbols:
    Dragon Chibi- Badasschik33(Leader), twinstar, Muang, Pheonixclaws
    Dragon Chibi Story - Dragon Chibi's are more like a young fighting force. There size may be small but there power is great.
    Dragon Chibi Symbols:
    New Born DragonsEveryone Starts out as a new born.
    New Born Dragons Story - This is a group of new born dragons just now entering our ranks they are to be looked after and tought well. If anyone hurts our New Borns there will be no sign of mercy.
    New Born Symbols:

    1. Only a Dragon Elite or a Dragon Master may accept new members aswell as test their skill lv
    2. If you have joined and the requirements have changed and you no longer meet them you will not be kicked
    3. If you are Inactive for more than a month you will be kicked from the guild unless we are notified about this absence before hand

    We have an Xfire Guild aswell to join follow this link


    IGN - WolfinGanger
    Elesis - Lv 58 Savior (Boo yea bitches)
    Arme - Lv 40 Warlock
    Lire - Lv 41 Nova
    Ronan - Lv 32 Aegis Knight
    Lass - Lv 36 Dark Assassin
    Ryan - Lv 42 Sentinel
    Amy - Lv 31 Muse
    Jin - Lv 75 O.o

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