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    CDR Requirements

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    CDR Requirements

    Post  WolfinGanger on Sat Apr 04, 2009 5:38 pm

    Requirements to become a dragon
    1. Must have a lv 35+ char
    2. Must have at least one Char unlocked either ronan, lass, ryan, or amy
    3. You must prove yourself by fighting either me or JinZeckz you do not have to win just show us that you have some skill
    4. If you was referred here by another player Lv requirements goes down by 5 lvs
    6. Prefer you have Xfire not required tho

    *If you fail to meet any of the requirements you will not be permitted to join us but you may try again another day*


    IGN - WolfinGanger
    Elesis - Lv 58 Savior (Boo yea bitches)
    Arme - Lv 40 Warlock
    Lire - Lv 41 Nova
    Ronan - Lv 32 Aegis Knight
    Lass - Lv 36 Dark Assassin
    Ryan - Lv 42 Sentinel
    Amy - Lv 31 Muse
    Jin - Lv 75 O.o

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